• Do you have any plan on releasing a token, doing AirDrops or IDO ?

    We are currently focusing on giving you the best possible experience and features on our website so that our product can give you full satisfaction. We are also thinking about the future of our project and the release of a token has not been excluded but is not our current priority. Stay tune on the discord to know what will come next !

  • What address should I put to use Sonar?

    You must put your public address Solana (the one you give to receive SOL or Tokens)

  • Is it safe to use Sonar?

    Yes, Sonar does not have access to your private key and does not perform any transactions. The only risk is to leak your public key. If you absolutely do not want to leak your public key, please do not use Sonar.

  • The prices displayed seem incorrect to me

    Tokens prices are based on the mid-price of $TOKEN-USDC Serum orderbook. You may have a different price on another site like CoinGecko, CoinmarketCap...

  • Why do I notice some slowness when I refresh my dashboard ?

    For now we rely on Solana Public RPC for our services to work, we are aware that these RPCs are not very efficient and therefore you can sometime observe stability issues. We are doing our best to make sure our services are more stable and reliable, please wait few minutes before trying to refresh.